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 How To Hack Your Items/Equipment In MGSPO

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PostSubject: How To Hack Your Items/Equipment In MGSPO   Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:44 pm

Item Addresses

#999 All Items
0x00224470 0x03E70000
0x00224474 0x03E703E7
0x00224478 0x03E703E7
0x0022447C 0x03E703E7
0x00224480 0x03E703E7
0x00224484 0x03E703E7
0x00224488 0x03E703E7
0x0022448C 0x03E703E7
0x00224490 0x03E703E7
0x00224494 0x000003E7
0x00224498 0x00000000
0x0022449C 0x00000000
0x002244A0 0x00000000
0x002244A4 0x03E70000
0x002244A8 0x03E703E7
0x002244AC 0x03E703E7
0x002244B0 0x03E703E7
0x002244B4 0x03E703E7
0x002244B8 0x03E703E7

Equipment Addresses

#999 All Equipment
0x0022442C 0x03E70000
0x00224430 0x03E703E7
0x00224434 0x03E703E7
0x00224438 0x03E703E7
0x0022443C 0x03E703E7
0x00224440 0x03E703E7
0x00224444 0x03E703E7
0x00224448 0x03E703E7
0x0022444C 0x03E703E7
0x00224450 0x03E703E7
0x00224454 0x03E703E7
0x00224458 0x03E703E7
0x0022445C 0x03E703E7
0x00224460 0x03E703E7
0x00224464 0x03E703E7
0x00224468 0x03E703E7
0x0022446C 0x000003E7

Equipment Values

1st Slot 0x0021CA90 0x000D0000
2nd Slot 0x0021CA90 0x00000000
3rd Slot 0x0021CA94 0x000D0000
4th Slot 0x0021CA94 0x00000000

1. Knife
2. SP Knife
3. MK22
4. M1911A1
5. SAA
6. Scorpion
7. Uzi
8. M16A1
9. XM177E2
A. AK-47
B. M37
C. M870
D. M63
F. Mosin N
10. RPG-7
11. M10
12. Laser
13. Machete
14. NONE
15. Grenade
16. Stun G
17. Chaff G
18. Smoke G
19. LN G red
1B. Time Bomb
1C. Claymore
1D. Magazine
1E. Shield
1F. Ga-Ko
20. Bowie Knife
Item Values

1st Slot 0x0021CA90 0x00004000
2nd Slot 0x0021CA90 0x40000000
3rd Slot 0x0021CA94 0x00004000
4th Slot 0x0021CA94 0x40000000

1. Medical Kit (S)
2. Medical Kit (L)
3. Ration (S)
4. Ration (L)
5. Pentazemin
6. Binoculars
7. Therm G
8. NVG
9. Mine D
A. Body Armor
B. C Box
C. Key B
D. Key C
E. Key D
F. Key A
10. Key E
11. Secret Doc
12. Blueprints
13. Bandana
14. Stealth

Made Entirely By Me


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How To Hack Your Items/Equipment In MGSPO
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