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 How To Install NitePR

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PostSubject: How To Install NitePR   Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:31 pm

First off you must have a hacked PSP to install nitePR. Click HERE if you have not hacked your PSP. NitePR is a cheat program where you can use codes in games (such as super speed, inf. ammo, etc...) and make codes. This is the program people are using when they seem like "gods" in online play. Installing nitePR is very simple. Follow this guide and you will have nitePR in 10 minutes or less.

How To Install nitePR Rev K (newest version)

1. Download the nitePR Rev k from the attachments below.
2. Open up the nitePR download and click on "Files"
3. If you have 3.71 M33 Custom Firmware click on "3.71 M33 ONLY". If you have any other Custom Firmware click on "ALL OTHER FIRMWARES".
4. Now there will be a seplugins folder no matter what you clicked on in the previous step. Drag that seplugins folder to the root of your memory stick. The root of your memory stick is what first comes up when you put your PSP in USB Mode.
5. Go to recovery mode, (hold R and turn your PSP on to access recovery mode) then go to plugins, and click on "nitePR (disabled)" to enable it.
6. You access nitePR by starting up a game, then tapping the home button twice then holding vol + and -. Once you enable nitePR, it should say "tap home button twice then hold vol + and -" in really small text in the top left hand corner of your PSP while in game. You are now done installing!

*If you want to put codes on nitePR follow the guide below.You will obviously need a hacked PSP with nitePR installed to put codes on nitePR.

How To Put Codes On NitePR

1. Put your PSP in USB Mode.
2. Click on "seplugins", then click on "nitePR".
3. Now make a new text document. (File-New-Text Document)
4. Each game has its own individual title for the text document you make. For example, the text document's title for medal of honor heroes 2 is "ULUS-10310". Find the title for the game you want codes for by posting in this thread or looking in the codes sections in the forums.
5. Now once you have made the text document and titled it appropriately for your game, you find codes for the game. You copy the codes and paste them inside the text document of the game you got the codes for.
6. Now your done! When you start up nitePR with a game you put codes for the codes will appear. Remember, you access nitePR by tapping the home button twice then holding volume + and - once you start up a game.

-You can get all your codes from the isogaming.net forum! You can also go to the Code Archive and Generators to get codes. They are both in the nav bar at the top of the site.

*Now here is how you enable codes on NitePR. You will obviously have to have a hacked PSP with nitePR installed with codes on it. Note that you can also refer to the video guide i linked on "how to put codes on nitePR" for these same instructions.

How To Enable Codes On NitePR

1. Start up a game you put codes on, and open up nitePR.
2. Highlight the codes you want to activate.
3. Once you highlight the codes you want to activate, exit nitePR.
4. Now press the "musical note button" which is right next to select on your PSP. This will turn on all of your highlighted codes.
5. Now go back to nitePR menu. It will say "All cheats are on" at the top". To turn all cheats off you simply exit nitePR and press the "musical note button again".

-Note that if you highlight and turn on too many codes then your PSP may freeze. Also note that some codes freeze your PSP on their own. The main cause of codes freezing on their own is incorrect settings. Some codes require the cheathz to be 15/1000. To change the cheathz to this setting open up nitePR and go to "PRX". Scroll to cheathz and click the right arrow on the d-pad to set it to 15/1000.

Hope you guys enjoy, remember that the link to nitePR Rev K is in the attachments below! Just ask us if you have any questions, and we will help you get them resolved.


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How To Install NitePR
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