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 How To Make A Magic Memory Stick

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PostSubject: How To Make A Magic Memory Stick   Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:15 am

-WC's Magic Memory Stick Guide-

Step 1a: Download This file Gangsta457's MMS .

Step 1b: Extract the "Magic MS.rar" file to C:\ (Local Disk).

Step 2A: Insert the memory stick that you want to turn into a "magic memory stick." I used This memory stick. (The Memory stick Must be 256mb or higher [Becuase 32mb Memory sticks don't support the Fat 12 system.][Don't worry about the Fat 12 if you have 256mb or higher.])

Step 2B: Back up the contents of your Memory Stick to your computer.

Step 3: Use the built-in format tool (in the PSP System Settings menu) to reformat your memory stick.

Step 4: Connect your PSP in USB mode.

Step 5: Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd)

Step 6a: In the command prompt, type "cd.." then hit enter. (without the quotes)

Step 6b: Then type "cd.." again and hit enter. (without the quotes)

Step 6c: Now type "cd\mspformat" then hit enter. (without the quotes)

Step 7a: Type "mspformat X" (without the quotes) where X is the drive of your PSP. Do not include the colon. For example, my PSP is connected at O:, so I type "mspformat O".

*You should see a prompt like this:*

C:\mspformat>mspformat.exe O

You are about to format the drive O.
All data will be lost. Do you want to continue? [Y]

Step 7b: Type "Y". Then hit enter (without the quotes)

*And you should see..*

>>> Drive succesfully formatted, and partition moved.

Step 8a: Disconnect from USB mode, then remove and re-insert your memory stick. This is very important because your computer and the PSP do not realize the partition has been moved and will write files in the wrong place on the memory stick corrupting the memory stick. Removing and reinserting the memory stick will make the PSP and your computer recognize the change to the partition table of the memory stick.

Step 8b: After you have inserted the memory stick again Reconnect in USB mode.

Step 9: Copy all the files in "Gangsta457's Pandora Files Pre-made (SLIM+FAT)" to the root of the Memory stick.

Step 10a: Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd), then type "cd.." then hit enter. (without the quotes)

Step 10b: Then type "cd.." again and hit enter. (without the quotes

step 10c: After that type "cd\msinst" then hit enter.

Step 11a: Type "msinst X msipl.bin" (with out quotes) where X is the drive of your PSP. Do not include the colon. For example, my PSP is connected at O:, so I type "msinst O msipl.bin".

*You should see a prompt like this. I guarantee that your stuff will be slightly different; it depends on how your computer is set up, what sort of memory stick you have, and so on. As long as you get the "Are You Sure? [Y]" prompt, you know that the msipl.bin file is OK.*

C:\msinst>msinst O msipl.bin
PSP MS IPL Installer

Load IPL code msipl.bin
241664 bytes(59 block) readed

Target DRIVE is 7
Check partation Sector
boot status 0x80
start head 0x05
start sec/cyl 0x0004
partation type 0x06

last head 0x0F
last sec/cyl 0xB7E0
abs sector 0x00000810
ttl sector 0x000767F0
signature 0xAA55
Check BPB Sector
signature AA55
Check free reserved sector:OK
Write ABS Sector 0x10 to 0x1E7

Are You Sure ?[Y]

Step 11b: Type "Y". (without the quotes). Then hit enter

*And you should see..*


That means that you now have a "magic" memory stick with the boot code.

--You should the below files in the root of your Memory stick.--
-After Making The Magic Memory Stick-

Now take out your normal battery and make sure you have your magic memory stick
in the psp and put your pandora battery in and should boot to
screen with option to update cfw 3.71m33-2 by pressing X.

I would recommend pressing [] (square) to make a backup of your nand-dump.bin after the PSP is done making a backup the PSP will shut down automatically.

I would also recommend copying the nand-dump.bin to your computer a CD or a USB thumb drive for safe keeping.

The nand-dump.bin file is stored on the root of the PSP's memory stick.

This backup is just in case something goes wrong, every PSP has an ID storage the ID storage is different on every PSP
and has to match the hardware in the PSP

So NEVER EVER use the nand dump from a different PSP or you will break (permabrick) your PSP permanently
and there is no known way to fix the PSP as of yet.

Restoring a nand dump is very dangerous!!!!!, and you should *just* use it if it's your
vary last chance to get your PSP working again.

Now that you have a backup of your nand dump for safe keeping you can...

Take the battery out of your PSP again and then reinsert the battery this time pressing X to install a custom firmware 3.71 M33-2.

Wait approximately 3 to five minutes for the PSP to flash the custom firmware files once it is done it'll ask you to press X and the PSP will shut down automatically.

You now have custom firmware, and then insert a normal battery into your PSP and if everything went well your PSP will start up with custom firmware 3.71 M33-2.

To check what firmware is on the PSP go to settings > system settings> system information hopefully everything went well and you see 3.71 M33-2 beside system software.

This Tut was edited by : xXxGangsta457xXx


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How To Make A Magic Memory Stick
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