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 *How To Hack Your PSP (PSP 1000-2000 ONLY)*

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PostSubject: *How To Hack Your PSP (PSP 1000-2000 ONLY)*   Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:01 am

If you ever wondered why people can run super fast among other things and seem like "gods" in online play, it is because they have hacked their PSP. Once you hack your PSP you can do just about anything with it, including downloading commercial PSP games for free. Unfortunately Sony has made the new PSP 3000 very hard to hack. To tell if you have the new PSP 3000 take a look at your PSP. On the left of the volume "-" button, if their is a sony icon you have a PSP 3000. If it says "Home" you have a PSP 1000 or 2000, which means you can hack it using this tutorial! (As po inted out in a post, some of the really newer PSP 2000's have the "Home" button, and they still cannot be hacked the traditional way--the way taught in this tutorial.) If you have PSP 3000, go to the PSP tutorials section and look for guides to hacking it. If you have PSP 1000 or 2000, continue reading.

How To Hack Your PSP
The first thing you need to do is get Custom Firmware (CFW). CFW allows you to play downloaded games called ISOs and install cheat programs such as nitePR that you can hack in games with. To get CFW, you will need a Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick (MMS) . A Pandora Battery is a battery, that with a MMS, installs CFW on your PSP. I recommend buying a pandora battery online. (will save you a lot of time) The cheapest Pandora on the internet is 6.50 US Dollars. I have hacked over 15 PSPs with this Pandora Battery, so i know it works. Once you have the Pandora, all you will need is a spare PSP memory stick, (at least 512 MB) to convert into a MMS. Once you get a spare memory stick, follow this Tutorial. When you have a Pandora and MMS, all you do is put both in your PSP. Your PSP will say press x to install 3.71 M33-2. You click x then it will install. After it installs, it will reset your PSP. You now have CFW and a hacked PSP! If you have CFW, when you hold R and turn your PSP on, a recovery menu will show up. The recovery menu is basically the control panel of your hacked Psp.

Now that you have a hacked PSP you can download free PSP games (ISOs and CSOs) from our PSP games section, and use all kind of cool homebrew applications and themes. Your PSP is also now capable of installing nitePR! If you want to install nitePR, follow the rest of this guide. If you are not interested in installing nitePR and hacking in games, you can go to the forum and look for cool PSP games, applications, and wallpapers to put on your PSP. You can also upgrade your Custom Firmware by going to our PSP Firmwares section.


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*How To Hack Your PSP (PSP 1000-2000 ONLY)*
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