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 xXxGangsta457xXx's Homebrew App Thread

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PostSubject: xXxGangsta457xXx's Homebrew App Thread   Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:08 pm

Red is Homebrew Green is Plugins
These Homebrews/Plugins are all in there latest version. If you see a file not in the latest version please pm me and i will update it. All of these Homebrew/Plugins work in firmware 5.XX and below but not too low Very Happy



The name speaks for itself — transfer files via Ad hoc from one PSP to another: one-to-one or one-to-many (up to 6 psps). The coolest part — if the receiving PSP doesn’t have Minerva’s homebrew installed, you can transfer said tool using Sony’s official game sharing.
megaupload.com W6FFBH80


Bookr is a document reader for the PSP that currently supports plan text (.txt) and PDF
megaupload.com JZ2OTUFX

Chicken Invaders v1.2

Kairus101's homebrew version of the classic Chicken Invaders
megaupload.com Y065VHFE

Child Be Gone

Crait's ChildBeGone application. Prevent unauthorized access to your PSP. You should use this in conjunction with roe-ur-boat's AutoStart PRX.
megaupload.com 30TX3BN0


The premise of dawn is simple. The year is 2023, the gangs of New York have allied to form a crime Syndicate. Their goal is to slowly expand their territory and control as much of New York as possible. They have been winning battles against the military, so the government has set up a new unit. The ASU (Anti-Syndicate Unit). The ASU is comprised of the most elite soldiers from around the country. Unfortunately, they are few in numbers due to this. Thus they frequently receive help from local authorities and the military
megaupload.com SX2KT6RK


downPSP is an app that I started in lua, but now I'm making it in C.
The best function of this app is that it's going to be able to download and install a lot of homebrew apps.
It looks for the homebrew database in psp.scenebeta.com
Right now it is not possible to download or install homebrew, but in a few weeks, it will.
I'm working in the cookie-based login of that website, I made that in the old lua version, so this time is easier ;-)
In the homebrew downloader, right now you can view the homebrew list (apps, games and emulators), and view a detailed description about each homebrew program.
You can also search in the list by pressing the "triangle" button (The games list has more than 800 entries, so you'll probably need it ;-)megaupload.com 2KW643NT


As a lot of people are finding out the PSP Lite is unable to run 1.50 kernel, this means that old homebrew games are not able to run on the PSP Lite custom firmware, however eLoader makes it possible to run some of these older games without needing to recompile them. So I hope all you new PSP Lite owners enjoy getting to see some of the old homebrew games running on the new device.
megaupload.com ENIV1ANV

PSP Filer v6.0

Mediumgauge is back and he's brought a new version of PSP Filer with him. Version 6.0 is mostly a bugfixing release focusing on memory stick and USB bugs. It also includes a new GB mode.
megaupload.com OQBTNN6C

Kitten Cannon - Cash Tournament

Don't be fooled! This is the same old Kitten Cannon you all know and love, just this Kitten Cannon gives you an opportunity to earn real cash just by launching your cat far! Everyone out there already knows Kitten Cannon has been the greatest form of animal cruelty to hit a gaming platform; Flash, PSP.
Everyone out there also knows just how much they'd want to make money by launching your cat the farthest. Well, I am pleased to introduce a revolutionary new concept applied to homebrew that does just that!
megaupload.com NVRD7D0K

Netfront Internet Browser v4

You know, Sony limits our memory in Internet Browser. So we cannot play big flash games and open big web sites.
This mod removes this limitation. And you can use all of the memory that your PSP has.
If your PSP is Fat, the HighMemMod uses all of 32 MB RAM.
If your PSP is Slim, the HighMemMod uses all of 64 MB RAM!!!
That's very interesting, isn't it?
Now the browser loads your pages in very short seconds!
You can play your online flash games fast...
megaupload.com ZX3LJZ90


Raing3's PSP Action Replay Code Converter. Convert PSP Action Replay codes to CWCheat or nitePR format
megaupload.com 7WTZUSWY

PSPKVM v0.5.3

Homebrew coders Sleepper, M@x and the rest of the PSPKVM dev team has released a new update for PSPKVM, a port of SUN's phoneME Feature to enable MIDP/JavaME applications to run on the PSP. The latest update has added new features and more bug fixes for the excellent homebrew app.
megaupload.com LBW7IY6Q

PSP Tool

PSP Tool is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on a PlayStation Portable console. This includes:
- Backup and Restore the IdStorage of the PSP
- Check the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or a file located on the Memory Stick
- Check, Backup, Restore and change the battery EEPROM
- Connect various devices through a USB cable
- Create a checksum of the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or an IPL located on the Memory Stick
- Create a variety of different Magic Memory Sticks
- Erase the entire IPL space of the Memory Stick
- Extract the IPL injected on the Memory Stick to a file
- Format the Memory Stick
- Inject a variety of included IPLs or an IPL from a file to the Memory Stick
megaupload.com ORL47DVA

PSP Write v1.2.1

It permits to edit even huge text file, in both dos and unix mode, using iso8859-1 (8bits) characters encoding. All iso8859-1 characters are present in the "Danzeff like" virtual keyboard.
The IR keyboard support is based on the work of Harald Fielker.
It has been developed on linux for Firmware 1.5 and 5.x-m33, and for the IR keyboard
part it has been tested using a Targus Universal IR Wireless keyboard on PSP FAT.
megaupload.com SFGCF3ZL


A GB/GBC emulator for the psp. It features cheat support
megaupload.com 159UULT4


Chilly Willy's been busy this last week, programming with his new acquaintance CaptShoe, and here's the result. This is Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 with MediaEngine support... for the Slim! There were also a few bug fixes as well. Although this is targeted at Slim owners, it works just fine on the phat as well. On the slim, it goes in GAME or GAME5XX. On the phat, it goes in GAME5XX or GAME if you have the kernel mode set to 3.xx.
megaupload.com 89WJD23I

Triple Triad PSP v0.3

The youtube link is a awesome description for the homebrew just watch it to know what its about
megaupload.com WYYSSZ2O

Ultimate PSPTube2.0

This is a modification for PSPTube which aims to deliver a fully working video
streamer to the PSP with as little trouble as possible. The original PSPTube was created by SofiyaCat. All scripts and various other features were created by JK108. The main theme for Ultimate PSPTube was created by Psimxc. The optional theme was created by Salvy.
megaupload.com S72NU7KH


Two years ago Dark_AleX entered the scene with DAX Dumper… An app likely to cause some controversy even though backing up legitimately owned UMDs to your memory stick is preferred amongst many — faster load times, ease of portability, the list goes on… So it’s arguable — right or wrong — it’s all in how you use it. PhonicUK keeps the fire burning with UMDumper v0.3.0D
megaupload.com TKNONZC7


AutoStart PRX V4

Roe-ur-boat has released sequel to its famous Autostart PRX to V4. The new version is supposed to have enhanced enhanced old and cool new features. Austostart PRX V4 is basically designed to allow you to specify a number of separate homebrew applications to load at launch.
megaupload.com OF1C1NL9

bakon 2.1

bakon is a cheatdevice for Socom FTB2. It carries only 1.6 codes so you wont get banned. It works online and off
megaupload.com K7237AID


Some new UMDs are detecting files in the ms0:/seplugins and ms0:/iso folders and causing
problems, even deleting files from these folders.
This plugin will hide these folders in GAME mode so they can't be accessed.
To install, copy cfwblock.prx to ms0:/seplugins and make an entry in game.txt
e.g. ms0:/seplugins/cfwblock.prx 1
This will NOT bypass any anti-ISO protection in games. It is for the protection of YOUR files on
YOUR memory stick. Use the original UMD and it will work fine, and your files are also safe.
megaupload.com 65KEPNZU


Put both folders in the root of your memory card
go to recovery mode/menu
plugins - enable
start game and press note button while in game to bring up the menu
note ----tab files go in tab folder which is found in the cheatmaster folder
cwcheat database or your personal database in ---cheatmaster folder
cmf files when you save in that format they go to that folder automaticly.
Alot of new features in this version
WORKS WITH 5.00M33-6
megaupload.com 4YF55WH2

coderPR v0.8.6

CoderPR is the new nitePR mod, it's focused on what's useful, what's handy, what's fast...
Well Basically what YOU, the user want!
megaupload.com ABFFJY73

CWcheat0.2.2 REV.D

CWcheat is the FIRST ever cheat device available on PSP.
With cwcheat you can apply raw-relative cheat codes either
in PSP and POPS game mode (due to two different version of
this application: cwcheat and cwcheatpops) just like the
famous commercial products "Action Replay", "CodeBreaker",
"GameShark", "Xploder", etc. available on other platforms.
cwcheat also features cheat searching and editing through
a nice and easy-to-use in-game menu.
If you are not good in cheat searching you can download the
latest cheats database from
or use the included PSP database downloader app directly
from your PSP (requires WI-FI connection) and easily enjoy
your cheating experience!
You can contribute with the database adding your cheats
HERE. cwcheat minor features are CPU/BUS speed settings, detailed
Memory Stick Pro Duo (free space/total space) and battery
(life) informations and in-game usb-mass support.
cwcheat (NO POPS version) includes also RemaPSP by danzel,
a very useful way to change button assignments in games!
cwcheatpops (NO GAME version) features a way to
import/export MCR memory cards (ePSXe and PSX) and continue
your favourite games in PSX, PS2, PSP with the same savegame!megaupload.com 7H1H01FN

Game Categories v4

This plugin allows you to categorize your homebrew and games.
megaupload.com P06FFJIR

GTA: LCS Cheatdevice

This is a Cheat Device for use with GTA: LCS. With it you can fly, drive on walls, and do many more cool things
megaupload.com LXXEIUND

GTA: VCS Cheat Device

This is a Cheat Device for use with GTA: VCS. With it you can fly, drive on walls, and do many more cool things
megaupload.com JYDCIME0

Macrofire v3.0.5

Back to the front; pen’s MacroFire plugin for your PlayStation Portable… Should you have missed it a few days ago, then know this: MacroFire allows you to record button macros, adjust the analog nub sensitivity level, remap controls, and enable rapid-fire on select buttons. It’s definitely worth the ~ 70K on your memory stick0
megaupload.com D1I2F0IY


This is a custom firmware plugin that allows you to play music while using the
vsh or playing a umd/homebrew game. If you don't have any other plugins,
you can just copy the seplugins folder to the root of your memory stick.
If you do have plugins, copy music_conf.txt, music.prx to the seplugins
folder and add ms0:/seplugins/music.prx to vsh.txt/game.txt.
*If you have the old version, you can delete hw.prx, it isn't needed anymore.
This has been tested on 3.52-M33 2, on 3.40OE, you should not clock above
222/111 in the vsh, (either manually or with the settings file), because it
will cause the vsh to not work/crash.
Also, if you are on 3.40OE , you wont be able to use this during homebrew
(unless you manually flash it, but updating to the newest cfw would be better). This version doesn't support pops, I'm not sure if its possible to get it working
but I'll do what I can.megaupload.com 0S4ADQT8


An enhanced online cheat utility, which features:
Memory editor
Cheat editor
Ability to alter the MAC used to load SaveGames (no flashing needed), use nitePRed
Breakpoint insertion/register logger
Searching for Exact/Unknown values
Undoing accidental searches
Search History which shows the values that were searched for previously
Normal cheats, pointer cheats, and freeze cheats
Ability to turn cheats on/off, undoing the effects of cheats
Dump game RAM
Screenshot (press DOWN + SQUARE)
Address copier (press SELECT)
Ability to pause game when cheat menu is showing or not, use PRX->Pause Game?
Ability to change the Hz at which cheats are applied, 0/1000 Hz means cheats are applied only when
turned on/off, anything else and the cheats are applied constantly, use PRX->Cheat Hz?
Regenerate OFF codes from a RAM dump
megaupload.com GCDN19IU


This plugin animates your name/tag in Socom FTB2 only, remember that the modification you do will not be permanent
megaupload.com 7H2029MB


Using USB to stream your PSP graphics to the PC and display it on screen. Plus if your computer have a mic jack, it can be used as sound input (To get the sound, you have to tweak your sound card setting a bit. Different sound card will have different setting, therefore this part will not be included in this tutorial). You can screen capture (F11) your favorite moments, and video (F12) too. Then get them published on Youtube or your blog.
megaupload.com M5L8QIOZ

Screenshot Plugin v1.3

Homebrew developer Kratosjohn has come up with one for those of you who are into taking
screenshots and GIF videos
megaupload.com L6OJPVCK


Online Names
Socom FTB2: xGangsta457x
GTA Chinatown Wars: Gangsta457
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xXxGangsta457xXx's Homebrew App Thread
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