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 Elite and Jr. Coder Requirements (Read Before Applying)

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PostSubject: Elite and Jr. Coder Requirements (Read Before Applying)   Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:32 am

Jr. Coder Reqirements:

- Must know the difference between codes. (e.g. Difference between text mods and regular codes.)
- Must have mastered every search on nitePR, Cheatmaster. (By that I mean greater, less, different, searches.)
- Must have general knowlege of MIPS. (e.g. How to properly use: lq, sq, lw, sw, lh, sh, etc... And know what other commonly used commands in routines are.)
- Be able to explain what each command is doing in a routine and not just say the command
and say its "Book" definition.
- Must be able to work with DMA, meaning you know what signifies a DMA code.
- Must know how hooks are used in routines.
- Must know how an increment/decrement routine works.
- Must have coded for more than one game.
- Must be trusted and generally liked throughout the community.
- Must have at least 50-75 posts.

Elite Coder Requirements:

- Must have completed all the Junior Coder requirements.
- Must have a very good understanding on how coding/MIPS work.
- Must be able to write/do subroutines without the need of a template.
- Must have majored in ALL areas of the game (Not just have all your work in DMA.)
- Must be able to work with ps2dis.
- Must have knowledge on more advance routines (Mark & Recall, looping, etc.. If you don't have extensive knowledge on advanced routines, you must show the willingness to learn more.)
- Must have a clear understanding how functions work withing a game.
- Must know a couple ways of coding (Porting, Fnc Estimates, etc.)
- Must be able to help coders and or members
*Additions may be added later on.*

Credits: Notoriouz420 for the Jr. and Elite Coder requirements.


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Elite and Jr. Coder Requirements (Read Before Applying)
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