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 CoNsOlE GoDs Rules

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PostSubject: CoNsOlE GoDs Rules   Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:28 pm

Global Rules
1. Any form of advertising on CoNsOlE GoDs, including all forums, the ChatBox, and through Private Message, will result in a double infraction, ban, or IP ban.
2. No posting links to any other site. Exceptions are YouTube, social-networking sites, image hosting sites, file hosting sites, game trailers, etc.
3. Only one account per person. No creating duplicate accounts for any reason. If you have forgotten your old account information, you can Contact Us or post in the Account Problems section. Duplicate account makers will be punished as necessary.

Forum Rules
1. No spamming of any kind. No meaningless posts/posts just to get your post count up. N
2. Thread titles, threads, and posts must be neat and understandable-If there is a specific order in a section, follow it.
3. Respect the staff and all other members of CoNsOlE GoDs at all times. No insulting others for their opinions or any other reason.
4. No posting porn or porn downloads anywhere on CoNsOlE GoDs.
6. No posting warez with a password that is a link to another site. (This includes passwords uploaded in text documents.)
7. Code all of your links to warez! The only exception is if a thread has more than 25 warez links. Note: You do not have to code non warez links.

ChatBox Rules
1. No insulting other members or making racist remarks.
2. The ChatBox is for small talk and live help only. Keep all non-small talk in the forums.
3. No using red font. Red font is for admins only.
4. No excessive or improper use of emoticons.
5. No posting links to forced multiple clicks. (e.g. Rick roll, etc.)
6. No improper use of other languages. Meaning no using languages other than English to insult or annoy.

Avatars and Signature Rules
1. May not contain porn or spam of any kind.
2. No URLs demanding clicks such as "Click Here" are allowed, or links that lead to multiple forced clicks.
3. Any signatures or avatars that are offensive or insulting to any staff or regular member are strictly prohibited.

vBPlaza Rules
1. No changing your user title to that of any other pre-defined user group.
2. No changing your user title or username color in the forums to red.
3. No abusing VB Plaza in any way. We reserve the right to take away any and all of your points if we feel you are abusing vBPlaza.

Follow all of our rules. Failure to do so may result in an infraction or ban/ip ban. Any three infractions will be reviewed by an admin for further action.

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CoNsOlE GoDs Rules
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